Clean your car on the go with Klassic’s express car wash services. We use hybrid wash technology that combines touchless wash components with a friction wash to give your car the perfect clean.

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Klassic Car Wash provides both interior and exterior detailing services to make your car feel brand-new. From interior shampoo and leather conditioning to waxing and tire shine, we have the tools and expertise to revamp your vehicle’s appearance.

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The Touchless Tunnel cleans without brushes or mechanical devices, making it especially effective for oversize vehicles. Using only softened water and cleaning agents, it provides you with an easy, efficient way to wash your car.

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Help your car achieve showroom shine with our NEW Ceramic Seal Hard Shell from Turtle Wax. We are the first car wash in Canada to introduce this innovative technology, which offers a deep mirror-like finish with UV blocker and full body protection. It now comes free with any top level wash!

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Klassic Car Wash provides a variety of self-service tools for a convenient car wash experience, including washing bays, vacuums, detailing units, and an air machine.

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Klassic’s state-of-the-art, self-serve Pet Wash provides the perfect environment to clean dogs of any size without having to worry about prep and clean-up.

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